Daytona Street - Custom build of a 2006 Triumph Daytona 675

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17-12-09 - Having been inspired by others I am about to undergo my very own Daytona to Street Triple conversion.

So first off, why am I doing this? Why am I going to rip apart a beautiful looking bike? Why don't I just buy a Street Triple? Well, I love the Daytona, the engine the handling, etc. I just can't get on with a sports bike on the road. I find them too uncomfortable. I have a GSX-R1000 that I race anyway, so I don't need another sports bike.

Why not buy a Street Triple I hear you cry? Well, no offense to those who own one, but I don't like the looks. The twin cans and twin headlights don't do it for me. I love the Daytona's rear end though.

As we often read in the bike mags, when a manufacturer turns a sports bike into a road bike (like R1 to Fazer), they detune the engines, fit cheaper suspension, brakes, etc and basically take away all the good bits.

So that is pretty much it. Plus I wanted a project bike. So that's what I have, a 2006 Daytona. Not even a crashed one. I did consider that, but where I live it's hard to get hold of crash damaged bikes as they are all shipped off to the UK.

Here is a pic of the starting point. Why Trixie Transformation? I name all my bikes, but my wife beat me to it and named her Trixie.

So here is my job list:

1. Fit different headlights/bikini fairing.

2. Re-direct the wiring loom.

3. Fit Street Triple yokes and handlebars.

4. Fit Street Triple throttle & clutch cables.

5. Lengthen wiring from handlebars.

6. Relocate the relays and fuse box that live inside left fairing panel.

7. Remove all bits associated with flapper valve.

8. Relocate indicator relay from behind radiator.

9. Relocate flip switch from in front of speedo.

10. Get rid of horrible brown engine covers and cam cover.

11. Repaint bike and wheels.

12. Fit mirrors.

13. Loads of other stuff I hadn't anticipated!!!!

My ultimate aim is for the bike to look "Factory". I realise this is a pretty high expectation of myself as I have never done this kind of thing before. But if people look at it and don't realise it's converted, I will be well happy. Time will tell.

Coming shortly: Part 1.

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