Daytona Street - Custom build of a 2006 Triumph Daytona 675

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Day 13 - 8-2-10 - Hmmm. Day 13. My lucky numbers (my race number is 31) so perhaps I can sort it today. I had a good think about it overnight and looked at the wiring diagram, although I might as well have been reading Greek for all the good it does. Nothing was happening, so a fundamental lack of power? I charged the battery and the Optimate said all was good with the battery. I check it with a volt meter and sure enough it's producing the goods.

I check the fuse box (I hadn't take any fuses out. Should I have done when soldering?), I look at each fuse and do continuity tests on all wires going in and out and everything is fine there.

So I have power and everything I've looked at so far seems to be OK. Maybe the power from the battery is not getting "out"? I look at the big wires leaving the battery and follow them to their first connection with anything. It's not far away, about 6 inches. Hmmm. What's this then? I look at the wiring diagram again, not really expecting it to speak to me. Battery goes to "43". I look up what "43" is. It's the starter solenoid. Then a light bulb moment. It says it's fused. I know fuses blow, so could that be it? I look closely at the starter solenoid and see a 30 amp fuse on the side of it. Hang on, that's just a spare. Where does the fuse go? Aha! This plastic cover comes off and lo, another 30 amp fuse.

It takes some pulling out. I look at it closely and it looks blown to me. My despair goes from DESCON 1 to DESCON 2. Could this be the cause of my woes? If it is, how the heck did it blow? I haven't started the bike since I commenced work on the loom. Hang on, there is a big brown wire that connects with it. I had trouble soldering that and spent some time with the soldering iron on the wire. Could it have got too hot and blown? If so, why didn't the fuse in the fuse box blow as that end of the wire was much closer and the fuse smaller? Whatever!

I put the new fuse in. A small prayer to the God of motorcycling. I turn the key..............

WooHoo! We have ignition. Huge feeling of relief and despair goes down to DESCON 5. I'm back on track.

So here is my job list:

1. Fit different headlights/bikini fairing. Requires a custom made bracket.

2. Re-direct the wiring loom. DONE

3. Fit Street Triple yokes and handlebars. DONE

4. Fit Street Triple throttle & clutch cables. DONE CLUTCH

5. Lengthen wiring from handlebars. NOT NEEDED

6. Relocate the relays and fuse box that live inside left fairing panel. DONE

7. Remove all bits associated with flapper valve. DONE

8. Relocate indicator relay from behind radiator. DONE

9. Relocate flip switch from in front of speedo. DONE

10. Get rid of horrible brown engine covers and cam cover.

11. Repaint bike and wheels.

12. Fit mirrors.

13. Loads of other stuff I hadn't anticipated!!!!

13a. Make brackets to fit bellypan.

13b. Make bracket to mount speedo on bikini fairing.

13c. Fit new indicators. v13d. Tape up loom once road tested.

13e. Fit resistor to flapper valve wiring.

13f. Fit longer brake line on front brake.

13g. More stuff I hadn't anticipated!

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